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Brand Name: Cosmedplus Model: CM09 Function : Tattoo removal , pigment removal , skin rejuvenation OEM/ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense Suitable For: Beauty salon, hospitals, skin care centers, spa, etc... Delivery Time: 3-5Days Certificate: CE FDA TUV ISO13485

Products Details

Product name Laser Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Machine
Wavelength 532nm / 1064nm /1320nm (755nm optional)
Energy 1-2000mj
Spot size 20mm*60mm
Frequency 1-10
Aiming beam 650nm aiming beam
Screen Big color touch screen
Voltage AC 110V/220V,60Hz/50Hz
1.eyebrow line removal , eyeliner removal , Lip line removal 2.tattoo removal : red , blue , brown , dark and various color removal 3.freckle removal , age spot removal , birthmarks removal , moles removal and so on . 4.anti-dullness treatment , skin whitening , skin brightening , shrinking pores, firming skin, eliminating blackheads , acne removal , skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing1.6inch big color touch screen more sensitive and friendly 2.ND yag laser handle with 532nm 1064nm and 1320nm probe (755nm probe optional) 3.UK imported lamp ensure handpiece continuous work longer time . 4.High quality Yellow bar ensure stable energy and more use lifetime 5.diameter 5 / 6 / 7 bar can be choosed , the bigger the diameter , the stronger the energy 6.One lamp one bar and one lamp two bar can be choosed 7.the dot from nd yag laser is uniform and it is very round . 8.there is counter on the handpiece , can get exact shots number easily 8.650 indicator light from handpiece ensure it is more accurate during the treatment . 9.1500W big power supply ensure machine stable energy output and long lifetime . 10.Germany imported water pump ensure best cooling , prolong the laser lifetime 11.Germany imported CPC water connector & Germany Harting Electronic connector, no leakage of water and electricity safe and reliable 12.multi languages supported,meet requirement of global market. 13.We can provide ODM/OEM service 14.High frequency:1-10 Hz is adjustable, fast treatment speed, save much time. 15.Aiming light helps to fix on target easily and save laser shotsThe Q-switched ND YAG laser takes specific wavelengths light in high energy, which are absorbed by the pigment and shatters the pigment into particles, breaking them into very small fragments, some parts will consequently bounce out of the skin and the other parts will spilt even further into minute particles which eventually will be engulfed by the phagocytes and ultimately gets eliminated by the lymphatic system. Q-Switched Nd:YAG is very effective for the removal of dark tattoos and the safest for skin of color. Using a top-hat beam profile ensures control of homogeneous energy delivery and maximum safety without hot-spots not any risk of side effects on complication for the patient.The versatility of 5 spot sizes allows to use the ideal parameters for the clearance of dark tattoos.Also,there are other functions like the following.

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