Professional radio frequency machine for wrinkle removal

Brand Name: Cosmedplus Model: CM4068 Function : Skin lifting , Wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation OEM/ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense Suitable For: Beauty salon, hospitals, skin care centers, spa, etc... Delivery Time: 3-5Days Certificate: CE FDA TUV ISO13485

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1.High frequency : RF technology with 40.68MHZ high frequency can penetrate deeper skin and energy is more stronger . 2.Comfortable : the RF energy direct to dermis and SMAS layer through epidermis , energy is more uniform and you will feel warm on the epidermis , it is very moderate treatment . it is more comfortable and safe during treatment . What is better , you will sleep during treatment because of comfortable treatment , it can feel very relax . 3.Effective : 40.68MHZ RF can penetrate dermis and SMAS layer , the energy is more stronger ,Thermal energy can get 45-55 degrees faster . so that it can promote the collagen regrowth to get wrinkle removal and skin lifting faster . you will see the obvious effect only one treatment effect . 4.Favor by the most of customers : Because of the 40.68MHZ rf machine stronger energy and comfortable treatment and effective , it is favored by the most of customers . it also has become one way of the life . If you have a spa or salon , you own the machine , it can bring you more benefits . 5.No side effects , no downtime , you can go to work immediately after treatment . 6.No disposables : you can use the machine and handpiece forever . What are radio frequency waves? Radio frequency waves are a form of radiation.Radiation is the release of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Depending on the energy released, it can be classified as low energy or high energy.X-rays and gamma rays are examples of high-energy radiation, while radiofrequency waves are considered low-energy radiation. Radio waves, WiFi and microwaves are all forms of rf waves. The form of radiation used in rf skin tightening releases about a billion times less energy than X-rays.
1) Wrinkle removal 2) Face lifting 3) Increased blood circulation 4) Body slimming and fat reduction 5) Help lymph drainage 6) Use with anti-wrinkle gel or collagen recombination gel
Item 40.68MHZ RF thermal lifting machine
Voltage AC110V-220V/50-60HZ
Operation handle Two handpiece
RF frequency 40.68MHZ
RF output power 50W
Screen 10.4inch color touch screen

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